Cormac Everard – Safe Sexual Health Promotion

Cormac won a 2015 Global Awareness Programme Travel Award and spent 8 weeks volunteering in Chaing Mai, Thailand.

Cormac’s Travel Award involved completing an Action Project, which included:

  • Creating sexual health and safety guides (print and online)
  • Giving presentations on safe sexual health practices to various societies in his university
  • Writing numerous blogs about his experience in Thailand and his own activism for the EIL website

How Cormac chose his Action Project:

“For my action project, I did some research and compiled a short guide on where to get free condoms, and another on where to get free STI testing, primarily aimed at students in my University. I posted these on my university’s LGBTQ+ Society webpage and distribute them at various events.

My inspiration for this came from my time in Chiang Mai Thailand, where throughout my volunteering, I was struck by how simple prevention was in terms of practicalities.
At my University however, STI testing can be very costly, and this price is prohibitive for a lot of students, so awareness of the free testing clinics available is very important.”