“Traveling alone is the best thing I have ever done. It’s allowed me to connect with people from every continent in the world in a short amount of time. When I first arrived in South Africa people would stare at me a lot but a simple smile or hug has opened limitless doors and developed friendships for life” Mairéad, 2018.

  Locations: CapeTown & Stellanbosch            Accommodation: Host Family

Length of Stay: 8 weeks              Type of Placement: Urban

Start Dates: Approx. June 12th – 10th July

Volunteering abroad can challenge you in many ways – Read more about what challenging can mean

Types of Project

These education projects are mainly based at public primary and high schools and are located in disadvantaged communities in and around Cape Town. The classes range from 40-50 learners per class where facilities and resources are very limited. Most schools do not have sports clubs or library services and help is needed in these areas. Classes for student with special needs or homework support clubs are also usually not available. Volunteers are needed to provide teaching support in classrooms, to assist with sports activities and computer literacy. An existing teaching qualification or TEFL training is required. School term 3 runs from July – Sept. No teaching placements are available in May or June.