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“I’ve got a greater appreciation for traveling and putting myself forward to do more volunteering. Working with kids and different people around the village gave me an immense energy. I will volunteer more than ever and regardless of experience, I hope to leap into new areas and adventures.” Cathal, Mexico Award Winner.

EIL are offering one fully funded Mexico Award to someone passionate about culture and who wishes to participate in a two-month summer volunteer programme abroad.

It is possible to choose from different projects: See below

Volunteering abroad can challenge you in many ways – Read more about what challenging can mean

This Award is open to ANYONE 18+.

What we are looking for in an Explorer:

  • A person who is curious about other cultures, tolerant of differences and is flexible and open to engage with new and at times challenging situations.
  • A person who is willing to engage with EIL upon their return to Ireland, to share their experience, and to learn with others.
  • A person who is seeking a different and new opportunity that can provide open mindedness, global awareness, self reflection and self improvement.

Types of Projects

The main goal of this social project is to provide the children of the locality with opportunities to grow socially and intellectually. It also raises awareness of  the traditions and folklore of the community. The children are based in the community library where they can read, get help with their homework or engage in a range of activities. Highly motivated volunteers with initiative are required help with a range of tasks from office work to homework guidance, coordination of art, language or music workshops, sport activities or reading circles. The project has few resources and facilities and volunteers who are resourceful, flexible and willing to improvise and introduce new activities are especially welcome. Experience with children, or volunteers with a background in education, art, drama, sports, crafts, music or dance are especially needed.

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Tips for Applicants

Here you will find some useful tips for your application process.

Tips for Applicants
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Hear from Past Participants

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