Explore Youth Activist - Governor's Institutes of Vermont (USA)

“Vermont gave me confidence, tolerance, knowledge and added to my desire to bring about change for the better in our world.” – Aideen, 2018.

EIL Explore are excited to offer the Youth Activist award to five young people who have demonstrated leadership potential while being actively involved with a group in their community.

The Vermont Governor’s Institute each year, brings together 60 – 70 dynamic young leaders and challenges them to ask and answers difficult questions, by exploring different sides of issues and political perspectives.

It challenges participants to find solutions to the local and global problems that directly impact young people.

  • Discussions with key politicians, activists and community leaders
  • Team building challenges, leadership skills workshops
  • Field trips, sports, campfires
  • Creative simulations, including a Mock Congress
  • Arts & cultural activities

16  – 17  years of age (on 1st of June 2023)

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Tips for Applicants

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