Learn French in France

EIL Study Abroad offers several options for those interested in studying French in France:

  • Montpellier - learn French and immerse yourself in the culture of the dynamic city of Montpellier. French language courses are available for mature students of all ages (Standard, Intensive, Intensive Plus, Super Intensive, and Summer Junior Courses).
  • Cap d'Ail - teenagers, learn French in a safe and action-packed summer camp on the French Riveria! (Teenage French Summer Camp).
  • Antibes - learn French by the beach on the French Riviera! Ideal for Transition Year students who want to study French for 2-5 weeks during term time. (Teenage Transition Year Camp offering Standard, Intensive and Leaving Certificate Preparation lessons).
  • Rouen, Normandy - an interesting alternative location to immerse yourself in the French language and culture away from the tourist crowds. Suitable for students 18 and over. (Adult language programme providing Semi-Intensive, Intensive and French plus Cuisine/Gourmet courses).

Long term placements for Transition Year students are offered by our Secondary School Abroad programme, whereby students live with a French host family and attend a local secondary school with other French children from the area.

Please browse the different options below to find the programme that is right for you or your child.


  • Ages:  14 - 17
  • Location:  Antibes/Juan-les-Pins, Cote d'Azure
  • Arrival airport:  Nice
  • Accommodation:  Host family or residential, shared
  • Duration:  Dates depending on session with a minimum stay of one week
  • Availability:  Easter through to late October 
  • Supervision:  Suitable for teenagers; curfew with parental permission


Cap d'Ail

  • Ages:  13 - 17
  • Location:  Cap d'Ail, French Riviera
  • Arrival airport:  Nice
  • Accommodation:  Residential summer camp, shared dormitory
  • Duration:  2 - 4 weeks depending on dates
  • Availability:  Summer only
  • Supervision:  Full supervision, 24 hours per day



  • Ages:  Mature 16 and up
  • Location:  South of France
  • Arrival airports:  Montpellier (no direct flights from Ireland), Carcassonne
  • Accommodation:  Host family or residential (for students 18 and over), single or shared
  • Duration:  2 weeks and up
  • Availability:  Year round
  • Supervision:  Minimal, this is an adult course and students 16 and up are treated as such


Rouen, Normandy

  • Ages:  18 and up
  • Location:  Northwestern France
  • Arrival airports:  Rouen (no direct flights from Ireland), Paris Charles de Gaulle, Paris Beauvais
  • Accommodation:  Host family, residence or hotel
  • Duration:  1 week and up
  • Availability:  Year round
  • Supervision:  None, this is an adult course




Transition Year students above all others take part in this total-immersion programme to improve their French and intimately learn about French culture.  With this programme, students live with a French host family and take part in their day-to-day activities while going to a local French Lycée (Secondary School).  For students who want a long term programme (from 6 weeks to a full academic year) and are flexible about the location in France, this may be the option for you.  This programme is open to Irish students between the ages of 15 and 18 who have studied French for a minimum of 3 years.  The emphasis of this programme is on language learning through full immersion with native speakers.  For this reason, each Irish applicant is placed in a different host community.  Focusing on gaining independence and maturity, friends and family members will not be placed together or near one another.  Irish students will have ample opportunity to make new friends in school and of course, practise their French! Our host communities are located throughout France, mainly in small towns and rural areas.  If you want a truly authentic French experience and are open-minded to a placement anywhere in France, this programme is for you.

"I liked attending the Lycée because all the time I was meeting new people and being able to learn and speak French with my own age group." Louise, past participant

Learn more about going to school in France.

Language Courses

  • Short-term programmes, usually 2-5 weeks
  • Flexible start dates all year round
  • Accommodation with host family or in a residence
  • Study with international students
  • All levels accepted, including complete beginners
  • Choice regarding the level of intensity/number of lessons per day
  • Focus on learning the language
  • Optional activities and excursions
  • Learn to be more independent and/or study with a friend
  • Special Leaving Certificate Preparation courses available
  • Experience the native culture

Secondary School Abroad

  • Long-term programmes, minimum 8 weeks up to a full academic year
  • Semi-flexible start dates throughout the school year
  • Accommodation with host family
  • Study with native students
  • Must have formally studied French for at least 3 years
  • Standard school day (schedule depends on the country and school)
  • Experience a different education system
  • Study a range of subjects through the native language
  • Learn to be more independent
  • Improve fluency and exam results
  • Complete immersion in the native culture
Last Autumn Sophie set out to complete a semester of Secondary School in France , however little did she know she would spend almost a year in France and have a new family upon her return in June! Sophie extended her programme to last the full academic year, once she arrived in France and felt instantly welcome. She was even featured in French newspaper, documenting her experience of an Irish student in France! According to host-mum Carole “Sophie is part of the family, we bring her to all family reunions. My two sons, 9 and 13 years old, became her adoptive brothers. We are so busy with our...
Our 2016 Leaving Cert Preparation group in Antibes are having a great time this week! They have been absorbing French culture and language in sunny Antibes while enjoying some activities and excursions along the way too! Who needs the Euro's when you can have a peaceful time in the Cote d'Azur instead? Watch this space for more photos next week!
At EIL we take all feedback on board and really appreciate it when students and parents give us their perspective of our programmes! Today, we received some lovely feedback from Saorla who has recently returned from her Secondary School in France experience. Saorla studied near Bordeaux and her mom, Niamh, gave us a parent's perspective on having her daughter take part on the Secondary School Abroad programme: "Overall we have been delighted with our daughter's experience with EIL. All the main components came together perfectly. Our daughter felt welcomed and included immediately in all...
Give your language skills an extra boost this Summer with our Leaving Cert Prep course in Antibes ! Ideal for students who are sitting the Leaving Cert in 2017, these two week programmes in the Cote d'Azûr offer: 26 lessons per week taught by native-speaking teachers Host family accommodation Activities and excursions to keep those free times action-packed Local staff support Transfers to and from Nice airport Insurance for the duration of the programme Our Leaving Cert Preparation programme from 5 - 18 June is proving to be the most popular. With application deadlines coming soon,...
The adventure begins! In early January, students from schools all over Ireland set off on their journey to start their Secondary School in France programmes. In the first few weeks of their programmes students will settle into life in a host family, start school in the local Lycée and make new friends who are going to last them a lifetime! Student's Local Co-ordinators are on-hand to help them and provide a local orientation a few weeks into their programme. In the coming weeks we have students flying out to Germany and Italy to begin their Secondary School Abroad programmes. Best of luck to...
......there were a lot of what ifs. I mean, where I come from it was pretty unheard of for a 15 year boy to take off and leave to spend a whole year away from home. To be perfectly honest, I was hesitant at first. The usual questions entered my head: Will I miss home? Will I be able to make new friends? Will I be able to understand anything? What happens if… However I always knew that I had a huge interest in other cultures and peoples, and I could not pass up this opportunity. The quiet whisper of a foreign language or the thoughts of travelling to someplace unknown got my blood pumping and...
Well I’ll start with my arrival... Friday 7 th January: A person from CEI (partner organization) collected me from CDG, Paris (arrivals)... They accompanied me and the other students doing the same program, they brought us to the train station and boarded us on the train. Then after about an hour we arrived at our destination! I met my Host family at the train station on the other side, they were very excited to receive me! I admit that I was really nervous about meeting my host family and going to school but I felt so welcomed immediately... Monday 10th January : First day of school, I...

Feedback from students who studied French in Montpellier

Host Family

"Very friendly and welcoming." - Daniel

"Really nice people. Felt lucky to have met them." - David

"They were very friendly, I learned so much about France from them, they were very interested in Ireland and how I was getting on and making me feel welcome." - Meadhbh

"The location of my apartment to the school was perfect and the family very friendly." - Lucy

"Really great family; had a great time staying with them." - Peigi

Feedback from students who studied French in Cap d'Ail


"The accommodation was good; I met loads of new people and the staff were really helpful & friendly. Overall, my only complaint was with the food." - Emily

"Our rooms were basic but pleasant. The accommodation was set in lovely grounds." - Aisling

"The rooms were good because they were a good size, but it got very hot inside them. The camp was very good because they had basketball courts, table tennis and loads of things to do, as well as plenty of space to just walk about." - Patrick