German Language Programmes

German is an official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. One quarter of Europeans speak German and if you want to be a real player in the 21st century, learning German will give you the edge, improve your employment opportunities and allow you to really get to know one of the great world cultures.

EIL Study Abroad, together with a number of carefully chosen partners in Germany, have put together a range of programmes which are specifically suited to Irish teenagers and adults interested in learning the German language. Suitable for complete beginners to advanced learners preparing for their Leaving Certificate, each programme uses the latest educational techniques in a safe and supportive environment to ensure the best results.

Programmes fill up quickly during peak season*; Call us on 021-4551535 today to avoid disappointment!

*Some dates in Lindenberg and Tubingen in July book up early. Please contact Gillian to check availability.



  • Ages:  14-17
  • Location: southern Germany, near Lake Constance
  • Arrival airports:  Friedrichshafen, Memmingen, Zurich, Munich 
  • Accommodation:  Residential youth camp, shared dormitory; host family upon request
  • Duration:  2 weeks and up
  • Availability:  Year round
  • Supervision:  Full supervision, 24 hours per day



  • Ages:  17 and up
  • Location:  southern Germany, near Lake Constance
  • Arrival airports:  Friedrichshafen, Memmingen, Zurich, Munich
  • Accommodation:  Host family
  • Duration:  2 weeks and up
  • Availability:  Year round
  • Supervision:  None, this is an adult course



  • Ages:  16 and up
  • Location:  southwest Germany, near Stuttgart
  • Arrival airport:  Stuttgart
  • Accommodation:  Host family or residential (for students 18 and over), single or shared
  • Duration:  2 weeks and up
  • Availability:  Year round
  • Supervision:  Limited; this is an adult course
  • Leaving Certificate Preparation Course available




EIL Study Abroad offers students between 15 and 18 years old the opportunity to attend a German secondary school while living as a member of a carefully selected German host family.  While in Germany, students will be supported by an EIL trained local coordinator who will help with the adjustment process.  With full immersion into all aspects of German life, students will learn so much more than just the language.  Most popular with Irish Transition Year students, this programme is available from 8 weeks up to a full academic year.  Short-term programme dates are flexible and we try to work around our students' busy schedules.  In addition to sharpening language skills and gaining fluency, this programme helps our young students gain a sense of independence and most students come back having grown and matured from the experience.  To ensure full immersion and the quality of the programme, friends and family members will not be placed in the same host community.  If you want to experience the typical life of a German teenager and make friends and lasting memories, then this programme is for you!

Learn more about going to school in Germany.


  • Short-term programme (usually 2-4 weeks)
  • Flexible start dates all year round
  • Accommodation with a host family or in a residence
  • Study with international students
  • All levels accepted, including complete beginners
  • Choice regarding the level of intensity/number of lessons per day
  • Focus on learning the language
  • Optional activities and excursions
  • Learn to be more independent and/or study with a friend
  • Special Leaving Certificate Preparation courses available
  • Experience the native culture


  • Long-term programmes; minimum 8 weeks up to a full academic year
  • Semi-flexible start dates throughout the school year
  • Accommodation with a host family
  • Study with native students
  • Must have formally studied German for at least 3 years
  • Standard school day (schedule depends on the country and school)
  • Experience a different education system
  • Study a range of subjects through the native language
  • Learn to be more independent
  • Improve fluency and exam results
  • Complete immersion in the native culture
At EIL we take all feedback on board and really appreciate it when students and parents give us their perspective of our programmes! Today, we received some lovely feedback from Saorla who has recently returned from her Secondary School in France experience. Saorla studied near Bordeaux and her mom, Niamh, gave us a parent's perspective on having her daughter take part on the Secondary School Abroad programme: "Overall we have been delighted with our daughter's experience with EIL. All the main components came together perfectly. Our daughter felt welcomed and included immediately in all...
Give your language skills an extra boost this Summer with our Leaving Cert Prep course in Antibes ! Ideal for students who are sitting the Leaving Cert in 2017, these two week programmes in the Cote d'Azûr offer: 26 lessons per week taught by native-speaking teachers Host family accommodation Activities and excursions to keep those free times action-packed Local staff support Transfers to and from Nice airport Insurance for the duration of the programme Our Leaving Cert Preparation programme from 5 - 18 June is proving to be the most popular. With application deadlines coming soon,...
The adventure begins! In early January, students from schools all over Ireland set off on their journey to start their Secondary School in France programmes. In the first few weeks of their programmes students will settle into life in a host family, start school in the local Lycée and make new friends who are going to last them a lifetime! Student's Local Co-ordinators are on-hand to help them and provide a local orientation a few weeks into their programme. In the coming weeks we have students flying out to Germany and Italy to begin their Secondary School Abroad programmes. Best of luck to...
......there were a lot of what ifs. I mean, where I come from it was pretty unheard of for a 15 year boy to take off and leave to spend a whole year away from home. To be perfectly honest, I was hesitant at first. The usual questions entered my head: Will I miss home? Will I be able to make new friends? Will I be able to understand anything? What happens if… However I always knew that I had a huge interest in other cultures and peoples, and I could not pass up this opportunity. The quiet whisper of a foreign language or the thoughts of travelling to someplace unknown got my blood pumping and...
Hello from Ireland!!! So its hard to believe its been almost TWO WHOLE WEEKS since I have been in Germany!! It really feels like only yesterday that I was having the time of my life on my exchange to a secondary school in Germnay. I can honestly say that I had the best experience on my exchange and if I could go back in the morning for another eight weeks I would! :D I made so many friends in the 10th Grade and had such an amazing time with my host family they really made me feel at home (and of course not to forget the great friends I made in the seminar in Wiesbaden on the first few days)...
Hallo :) Ich bin hier in Deutschland für St. Patricks Day!! :D Naturlich ist es ein bisschen komisch aber trage ich grün und meine Gast Familie auch!! Sure I have to celebrate it someway :D We even watched a small bit of the Dublin Parade on the internet. :D Später gehe ich in die Stadt mit meine Gast Schwester Lara und meine neue Freunden to celebrate St.Patricks Day, I even told them all "Du musst grün tragen!!" :P As i said in my last blog I was going to the Kino and do you want to know how I got on.....Es war echt Klasse!! Unglaublich!! Denn hatte ich verstanden. obviously I didnt...
Tag!! Well I can now officially say that I am definately settled into life in Deutschland!! Am Montag ist es meine vierten Woche in Schule. Manchmal Schule ist ein bisschen schwer aber Jeden Tag, Ich verstande mehr. Hoffentlich, am ende die zwei Monate, Ich verstande alles!! I am really enjoying school and I have met so many nice people that I hope I will stay in contact with when I go back to Ireland!! :) When I find something difficult or hard to understand, there is always someone there to help me out. Alles Schlurin sind sehr sehr nett!! :) Wir haben viele Schnee und Eis!! Ich muss mit...
Wow what a week!!! I can't believe I'm saying this but at last I am in Germany und Ich liebe Deutschland!! I can hardly believe that one week has already passed. It has gone by so quickly and I have loved every minute. On Tuesday 24th January I flew into Frankfurt where I was met by two lovely gentlemen called Herman and Martin who worked for experiment ev. We then had to wait on a girl from brazil called Melanie who actually turned out to be sharing my room when we got to the seminar in Weisbaden. I met so many people from all over the world and I know I have made some great friends for life...
Only one more day left and then I will be starting my adventures in Germany!! :D Im so excited, I cant wait! I have all my bags packed and Im ready to go. I still cant believe that I was lucky enough to recieve this scholarship from EIL. Its the trip of a lifetime and Im delighted that EIL have given me this opportunity and for that I would like to sincerely thank them. Zwei Monaten in Deutschland. Klasse!! I will be staying with a host family in North Garmany for the duration of my trip and I am looking forward to getting to know so much more about them and their home country. Since I have...
I'm now back a month after spending two months in Germany as an exchange student. It was an amazing experience and I'd even go as far as saying the best two months of my life!. I had soooooo much fun. I made many friends who I hope to have for a long time (some are planning on visisting me in the summer hols), I got to experience another culture and have grown to love it, I've tried many new things, become more organised and independant and my German has improved immensly. I'm now fairly fluent and confident at speaking the language and I can understand what people are saying quite easily. My...
Hey! Sorry it's so long since my last blog. I've been quite busy doing many different things. The first weekend in October was a long weekend, as Monday was a National Holiday (Tag des Deutsche Einheit/German Unity Day). On the Saturday we went to Bremen. On the train we met an Irish band called "Spellbound". It was the first time in 5 weeks that I got to speak English face to face with somebody. Surprisingly, I found it extremely difficult, as German words kept coming to mind. When we arrived in Bremen, we went to the "Universum" there. It was a really cool Science Museum, that had exhibits...
Guten Tag! :D I find it hard to believe that I'm here 1 month. The time is flying and I'm enjoying every minute of my time here. I've really settled in with my family. I feel right at home to be honest. School is getting better and better by the day. 3 weeks ago I knew nobody, I could hardly understand a word my teachers were saying, I was unable to do my homework and I was almost afraid to speak incase I made a mistake. (stupid ehh?) I learned quickly that it's better to make mistakes and learn from them than being afraid to speak. What other way was I suppossed to learn. 3 weeks later, I...