German Language Programmes

German is an official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. One quarter of Europeans speak German and if you want to be a real player in the 21st century, learning German will give you the edge, improve your employment opportunities and allow you to really get to know one of the great world cultures.

EIL Study Abroad, together with a number of carefully chosen partners in Germany, have put together a range of programmes which are specifically suited to Irish teenagers and adults interested in learning the German language. Suitable for complete beginners to advanced learners preparing for their Leaving Certificate, each programme uses the latest educational techniques in a safe and supportive environment to ensure the best results.

Programmes fill up quickly during peak season*; Call us on 021-4551535 today to avoid disappointment!

*Some dates in Lindenberg and Tubingen in July book up early. Please contact Gillian to check availability.



  • Ages:  14-17
  • Location: southern Germany, near Lake Constance
  • Arrival airports:  Friedrichshafen, Memmingen, Zurich, Munich 
  • Accommodation:  Residential youth camp, shared dormitory; host family upon request
  • Duration:  2 weeks and up
  • Availability:  Year round
  • Supervision:  Full supervision, 24 hours per day



  • Ages:  17 and up
  • Location:  southern Germany, near Lake Constance
  • Arrival airports:  Friedrichshafen, Memmingen, Zurich, Munich
  • Accommodation:  Host family
  • Duration:  2 weeks and up
  • Availability:  Year round
  • Supervision:  None, this is an adult course



  • Ages:  16 and up
  • Location:  southwest Germany, near Stuttgart
  • Arrival airport:  Stuttgart
  • Accommodation:  Host family or residential (for students 18 and over), single or shared
  • Duration:  2 weeks and up
  • Availability:  Year round
  • Supervision:  Limited; this is an adult course
  • Leaving Certificate Preparation Course available




EIL Study Abroad offers students between 15 and 18 years old the opportunity to attend a German secondary school while living as a member of a carefully selected German host family.  While in Germany, students will be supported by an EIL trained local coordinator who will help with the adjustment process.  With full immersion into all aspects of German life, students will learn so much more than just the language.  Most popular with Irish Transition Year students, this programme is available from 8 weeks up to a full academic year.  Short-term programme dates are flexible and we try to work around our students' busy schedules.  In addition to sharpening language skills and gaining fluency, this programme helps our young students gain a sense of independence and most students come back having grown and matured from the experience.  To ensure full immersion and the quality of the programme, friends and family members will not be placed in the same host community.  If you want to experience the typical life of a German teenager and make friends and lasting memories, then this programme is for you!

Learn more about going to school in Germany.


  • Short-term programme (usually 2-4 weeks)
  • Flexible start dates all year round
  • Accommodation with a host family or in a residence
  • Study with international students
  • All levels accepted, including complete beginners
  • Choice regarding the level of intensity/number of lessons per day
  • Focus on learning the language
  • Optional activities and excursions
  • Learn to be more independent and/or study with a friend
  • Special Leaving Certificate Preparation courses available
  • Experience the native culture


  • Long-term programmes; minimum 8 weeks up to a full academic year
  • Semi-flexible start dates throughout the school year
  • Accommodation with a host family
  • Study with native students
  • Must have formally studied German for at least 3 years
  • Standard school day (schedule depends on the country and school)
  • Experience a different education system
  • Study a range of subjects through the native language
  • Learn to be more independent
  • Improve fluency and exam results
  • Complete immersion in the native culture
It's my second day here in Germany. I flew into Cologne/Bonn airport yesterday. It was a short flight at only one hour and thirty minutes long. I am feeling a bit homesick at the moment but that shall pass once I get settled in. My host family are lovely and so helpful. It's very different to Ireland. The buildings are very different and there are lots of wine farms around the area. I got my school timetable today, and will be starting tomorrow there. It is a much bigger school than at home with over 1000 students there. At home there is only over 250 students! I am feeling nervous about...
It's just over a week until I leave for Germany. I am so excited. I cannot wait. Although I am nervous. But that is to be expected. I havn't started packing yet, but I have written a list of everything I need. I am going to miss everone at home but I feel it is going to be a chance of a lifetime. My school Mercy College Woodford have been so helpful and supportive to me, especially my german teacher Ms. Collins. She has helped me greatly throughout the year. I talk to my host family regularly through e mail so this has helped me get to know them before I go over there. I am leaving on the...

Feedback from students who studied German at Lindau


"The family were very nice and friendly, made me feel very welcome. The food was excellent." - Sian

"Very friendly and spoke slowly if I didn't understand at first. Surprisingly great food!" - Linda


"Good teaching methods and the teachers were very friendly. Good facilities in the school in computer access, bike rental and good location too!" - Sian

Feedback from students who studied German at Tübingen


"Family were very nice, welcoming and although I didn't spend that much free time with them, they did invite me to some locals events which I found to be very entertaining. Sometimes I found it was difficult to say much at dinner because the accent is very hard to understand. Food was amazing. School quite a distance from home but the bus service made it easier." - Ellen

"Very welcoming family. Always included me in family activiies." - Niall

Seanai's journal, living and going to school in Germany, reflection

It has been a month now since I departed from Germany, even though it only seems like yesterday, I really do miss Germany, my host family, friends and the way of life in general. On my flight from Bremen to Dublin it gave me time to reflect back on my trip, people I met, places I saw and it was at that moment that I realized how lucky I really was to have got the chance to experience a life so different at such a young age.

Seanai's journal, living and going to school in Germany

Heading into my seventh week here with the finish line in sight I think at this stage I have seen what I came here to see and did what I wanted to do, I've gotten so much out of this experience that was truly once in a lifetime! I've seen Berlin,Hamburg,Bremen and Hannover, made so many new friends and over time have become very accustomed to the German way of life. I realise that if you are reading this you too are considering coming here to Germany for a period of time, and I hope I can guide you to the best of my ability!

Seanai's journal, living and going to school in Germany, 1st week settling in

I am very glad to report all is well here in Germany.

The first night was very tough it was late when I arrived in Bremen and met my host family, they are very nice and treat me very well, but I would not recommend arriving late at night as I found it hard when I got to their house we had to go to bed, it was late and I understood this but it was very lonesome in a strange room in a different country with a new family! I felt a small bit homesick the next day but not as much as I would have expected. I have settled in very well and do not feel at all homesick at present.