Japanese language programmes

More and more Irish students and adults are taking up Japanese language for school, business or personal reason. As a result, EIL is finding the popularity of Japan as a study destination is increasing every year. EIL Study Abroad is immensely proud of the partnerships and programmes we offer in Japan for both younger students with no prior knowledge (Suwa) to adults who already have the foundations and want to continue forward (Tokyo). Both courses have small class sizes and feature homestays to get a real experience in Japanese family life, food and culture not offered anywhere else.


  • Suitable for ages: 16 +
  • Accommodation: Host Family
  • Sharing: single placements with family only
  • Course: 15 lessons per week
  • Supervision: Limited, but host family and coordinator in Japan oversee everything
  • Excursions: Activity and excursion programme included
  • Start dates: Year round, no set dates
  • Programme Length: From 1 week +
  • Class size: Depending on enrollments, could be private or semi-private



  • Suitable for ages: 18 - 50 years
  • Accommodation: Host family
  • Sharing: No
  • Supervision: No
  • Course: 25 lessons per week
  • Spaces: 5 per term
  • Start dates: 4 sessions: Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter
  • Programme Length: 4 weeks only


High school in Japan

We may have the ability to coordinate a high school programme in Japan on a custom basis with our partner EIL Japan. Please contact us for serious enquiries. Normally these programmes are available for full year or half year durations only.


  • Shorter term programme (usually 2-4weeks)
  • Flexible start dates all year round
  • Accommodation with host family or in youth residence
  • Study with international students
  • All levels accepted including complete beginners
  • Choose how many lessons you have per day
  • Focus on learning the language
  • Sign up for programme of activities and excursions
  • Learn to be more independent and/or study with a friend
  • Special Leaving Cert preparation courses available
  • Experience the native culture


  • Longer term programme (minimum 6 weeks)
  • Start dates depend on school term
  • Accommodation with host family
  • Study with native students
  • Must have basic/intermediate language skills
  • Standard school day (hours depend on country)
  • Experience a different education system
  • Study a range of subjects through the native language
  • Learn to be more independent
  • Improve fluency & exam results
  • Complete immersion in the native culture
It’s hard to know where to begin here, my time in the land of the rising sun has changed everything for me, I knew things would change for me but I was unaware of how different things would seem when I returned, you can go away easy, but can you ever really return home again? That’s the feeling predominant in my mind as I try to settle back into life in this little tiny island far from any significance it is hard not to think of that incredible place, the people even the food (which I have been wholeheartedly converted to) Yes it has made me different, I don’t wear shoes in houses anymore and...
So this may well be my last blog post in Japan, only 9 days to go and I may not get online before then. I thought I would just make a summing up blog and so forth, I`ll make another when I return from Japan of course, but not so bad, does anyone even read this? I sure hope so. So I have titled my blog post due to the revelation I had when the grandmother of the house I`m staying at took out an atlas to better locate ireland. Now I`m well aware Ireland is one of the most insignificant countries in existence (contrary to the popular belief we are the centre of the universe) but thats not what...
So its week 1 over of my japanese adventure I have aptly titled this blog post to represent my initial confusion and difficulty adjustig to (I`m still adjusting) Japan when I arrived、At first I was like "Oh what the hell have I gotten myself into, I`m Halfway across the planet and I barely Speak the language" and actually, well no I still feel like that, but less dramatically. my first impression was getting off the plane and waiting at the baggage area, the people were bowing to each other and saying things and I was caught in this massive onslaught of bowing Japanese people, I would have...
I'm having a really tough time writing this blog post. It's my last blog post and I really am stuck for what to say. Japan was amazing. Simple as!! I cried leaving my host families, like a baby! I am usually much better at leaving people and saying goodbyes but it was so difficult to leave my host families because they did so much for me and I got so close to them. I loved them and they made every single day in Japan a great one. My first host family, the Ogawas (on ze left) were to die for. I became really close to my host mother Yumiko, she was an absolute delight and the two of us just...
(Just a teeny tiny note before you read!) -I started writing this in Japan but am publishing it back here in Dublin. Have had a slow and sleepy restart back into life in Ireland so am only just getting my act together. But I'll talk more about that in a mo. (JAPAN) I was just in my room... eating chocolate, because I'm sad, because I have to leave Japan tomorrow and Japan is amazing and you'd be sad too if you were me. Today is my last day in Japan because really I'm leaving at 4:30am tonight. But WOW. Just wow. The only way to explain Japan is to tell you to go and visit it yourself. For me...
Everytime I go to add tags to these blogs the only one that pops into my head at first is Japan. And then I stop... and smile. BECAUSE I'M IN JAPAN. Had to get that off my chest. So in my last blog I said I'd go into detail about a bit of shtuff ASAP and here I am, keeping my promise! Firstly I'd like to tell you about Tanabata. It's an awesome little festival that lights up all the streets with bright colourful pieces of paper tied to bamboo. People write wishes and hopes on the paper. But there is a whole big yearn about the origin of the festival and what it's all about. Here comes the...
Righto... So I guess I gotta say sorry. Sorry I've been having too much fun to write blogs. It's been two weeks since I posted and dear lord a lot has happened. I certainly wont fit it all into one detailed blog so here's the plan: In this wee blog I will tell you briefly all the things I've gotten up to in the last 2 weeks and I will write another blog (promise) where I will talk more about some of the things in more gory detail :D However if there is something in particular I don't say enough about, just leave me a little comment saying so! :) Also! I got my CF card reader which means that...
okay, the other day i did kendo with my adorable host brother haruto-kun (not naruto as my boyfriend likes to tell me :P). now I`ll be honest, I didnt have and expectations, until the teacher(sensei) asked me to try. I did NOT expect to be whacking the man full force on the head and screaming "MEN!" or his arm or his side and then dancing away. I like japanese people.... i dont want to hit them... Before this trip, i was like , meh i can read kana and hiragana(japanese alphabets) and a few kanji...be grand! I am not grand. i cant read anything.... i feel disabled half the time :( especially...
The title of this blog is in reference to how well I'm getting on with my host family. We have a shared love of musicals, particularly of the Disney and Lion King nature! So, it's the end of week one. Be-jaysus! Week one flew by. You don't know how much stuff I got up to and I don't think I'll fit it all into this blog but be prepared anyway for a long read! Infact, why not go make yourself a cup of tea and then we'll begin? :) My last blog dealt with toilets, but my japanese experience has totally escalated from there. The day after I posted my last entry, I bounced up bright and early,...
I only have 20 minutes to write this before dinner. We just had afternoon tea (mm dangos!) and we had a dinner sized lunch before then. Not to mention the breakfast I had only half an hour before lunch! There is one question in my mind currently, How on Earth are Japanese people so skinny?! They'll be rolling me onto the plane at this rate. I am already on day 3 of my japanese adventure and even after only 3 days I could write a book about this place. My flights were fine although I was typically the smart person I am and forgot my phone. But I am surviving without it. When I arrived at...
It's one o'clock in the morning. I'm sitting in the bomb site that has become my bedroom. I'm pretty certain I just heard thunder so I am currently hiding beneath my duvet! Over the last few hours it's been pack the suit case, unpack the suitcase, pack again, decide I have to repack, miscount how many socks I have, recount and pack again only to decide I never liked those socks anyway. I have to admit, the idea that in approx. 60 hours I'll be in Japan hasn't fully hit me yet. Sitting here looking out at the typical Irish rain makes me feel very much like not moving from my bedroom for the...
Thanks to my friends at Google Maps, few words are needed to explain just how fantastic the location of my school in Tokyo was. Giant red circle = my school Thing that looks like the Eiffel Tower = Tokyo Tower (for an explination of why Japan felt the need for its own version of the Eiffel Tower, see here see here .) Big grey blob = Tokyo A = Tokyo Tower Pretty great, right? The Tokyo Language Center is a school for international students who want to learn Japanese, with a focus on passing the Japanese Literacy Test (JPLT). There are five levels to the JPLT, level one being the highest (which...