EIL Medical Insurance


CareMed International Travel Insurance

EIL is an association with CareMed International Travel insurance . Travel with peace of mind.

Adequate personal and medical insurance cover is required for participants on all EIL programmes and is included in the programme cost.

Insurance with CareMed included the following:

  • Medical expenses in case of accident: Unlimited
  • Medical evacuation: € / US$100,000
  • Accidental disability: Max € / US$50,000
  • Liability Insurance:  € / US$500,000
  • Toll-free, multilingual 24/7 emergency hotlines
  • Host family property damages:  € / US$1,000
  • Family member to bedside of insured: € / US$2,500
  • Theft / damage of personal property:  € / US$1,500
These are the key features of the comprehensive insurance cover included in the cost of your programme. Before you travel we will send you full details of your insurance cover including your insurance identity card and instructions on how to make a claim. We encourage all students traveling within the EU to bring a European Health insurance card as well