EIL Intercultural Learning is an Irish "not for profit" organisation which provides intercultural learning opportunities through study abroad, volunteer abroad, language training, travel awards, group educational programmes, and other cultural immersion activities for about 2,000 people each year. This year the organisation celebrates 50 years in Ireland. 

The Mission of EIL Intercultural Learning Ireland is: To provide intercultural learning experiences which enrich lives, promote understanding of other cultures and challenge individuals to be more globally aware and responsible.

 The work of EIL Intercultural Learning is underpinned by a set of core values and guiding principles which include the organisation’s not for profit status, its commitment to the safety and wellbeing of participants and its endorsement of the principles of equality, inclusiveness, sustainability and diversity. At all times EIL strives to achieve the highest standards and to employ best practices.

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Hello again, Sorry for the delay in the posting of my take on The 7 habits of highly effective teens! My laptop decided to have a little meltdown over the past couple of days! But nevertheless I'm
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Hallo hallo! So i can't remember when the last day that i blogged was, i dont carry my phone around with me during the day so i never actually know what day it is...everything just blends into one. I
All the tanks here at Dekamar are now full. Unfortunately, more and more injured turtles are coming every week. That, coupled with increasing numbers of hatchlings, has made us very busy here. A lot
I am currently living with a family of five in El Novillero, a small village located three hours from Guatemala City in the Western Mayan Highlands. The three boys in the family, aged 18 to 23, are

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