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Cork-Based Charity Strives for Sustainable Travel Funding Multiple Carbon Offsetting Projects.

Cork-based charity, EIL Intercultural Learning, is paving the way for sustainable travel by funding multiple carbon offsetting projects in Latin America, Asia, and Africa by counterbalancing carbon emissions on all of its outbound flights from Ireland

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How one flight changed my life – Niamh, Youth Activist.

Everything from writing the application, to going to the interviews and finally getting the phone call to tell me that I’d gotten a place on this award, has been a blur. Even after coming back from America…

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Become a member of EIL/AFS

EIL/AFS Ireland invites you to become a Member of our organisation

Anybody over 16 years of age who shares the Vision, Mission, and Values of EIL Intercultural Learning is invited to become a member of the organisation:

Our vision is “a just and tolerant world where all cultures thrive together in peace.”
Our mission is “to provide intercultural learning experiences that enrich lives and inspire global citizenship.”
Our core values of integrity, diversity, and passion are the stars that guide us.

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Welcome a new family member

Host an International Student

Expose your family to a world outside of their own by helping an international student achieve her global dreams. Explore a new culture and share your family life and traditions.

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