Where have I been? I’ve been adventuring the most amazing Country! I have so much to talk about I don’t know where to start!

Hmmm well food is always a good start, I had never tasted Fondue before I arrived in Switzerland,I think I’m grateful for my decision as it is one of the best dishes I have ever tasted. My host brother is a fromagérie so my family took me to his chalet in The Alps, where my host brother had begun heating up the freshly made cheese. I was surprised by how strong and filling Fondue is! The same night for dessert I had a Frioburg delicacy cake it’s like a glazed sponge butter double cream and berries.

Once every week I cook a meal for the family. The first week I tried to stay Irish I cooked pigs in blankets, broccoli, carrots and potatoes.

It is officially hunting season here of course my family took me to a fabulous restaurant where I tried Foie Gras and roe for the first time. My mouth was watering because of how good it was.

Trips and Adventures!
I was introduced to a very cool car that would probably not be used too often in Ireland. The name of the car is Lá Méri,it is a completely plastic red car with no roof and sounds a lot like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! The scenes of Fribourg where stunning.

Luckily enough Switzerland is close by to Europa Park. I’m one of those people who love rollercoasters after I’ve been on them, but before I’m trembling with
[slightover reaction] the Park is for all ages,if you don’t enjoy rollercoasters there are so many Country themed parks with amazing buildings! Bluecoaster was by far my favourite in the park as we tossed and turned through the biggest loop and came of extremely dizzy!

On my third Sunday there was a Welcome Party for the exchange students in Fribourg, this was really nice as we all had so much to talk about and I got to learn about many different cultures. A week after the Welcome Party I had an Orientation Weekend where I met all the exchange students and some volunteers in Switzerland where we spoke about our cultures,and some of the adventures we had been on.

I have visited many of the villages in Switzerland with my friends such as Montreaux [the home of jazz] Vevey and Adelboden. Montreaux was amazing as I got to go sailing on Lake Geneva opposite the mountains! The water here is crystal clear meaning you can see the bottom and all the rocks.

I visited Vevey when there was a photo exhibition on this gave me so much inspiration for my photography. I also went to a food museum which was interactive and I was shown everything we eat aswell as the negatives and positives of food.

Adelboden is somewhere I really wanted to visit as it is the home of a WAGGSS [World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts] Chalet “Our Chalet”. I was thrilled when I got to see the Chalet in the mountains it is fabulous

I hiked to the woodcarvers in Adelboden the only way to describe it is to view it in person. The mountains were a mix of green grass or white snow. When I arrived at the woodcarvers I drank a hot chocolate and ate a jaw dropping lemon cake.

The experience and adventures are purely sensational

Á Bientot,