“My trip to Japan was something that spawned right out of my wildest dreams. Living and experiencing the Japanese way of life that was so intertwined with its beautiful culture and kind people, was something that not only satisfied the Japan enthusiast inside of me but also shaped me as a person who now knows of her own heaven on earth! ” – Katie, Cultural Experience in Japan, 2016

“My programme with EIL Explore was a life changing experience which broadened my horizons and gave me a different perspective of the world. Now, more than ever, I feel empowered to make a change in our society and share my experiences with other people.” – Diana, Volunteer in Mexico, 2016)

“Thanks to EIL I have now gained a greater in depth knowledge into the kind of person I am and will continue to be . EIL has not only giving me incredible and memorable memories for life it has given me the opportunity to meet new people, create change and see the importance of global awareness all through my love of travelling and thanks to EIL I will forever strive to be the best global citizen that I can be !! ” – Stephanie, Cultural Experience in Ecuador, 2016


“Not only has my trip opened my eyes to whole new world and gave me a another perspective of the world but has also molded me into a new better person as David Mitchell would put it “Travel far enough, You meet yourself” and that is precisely what happened to me. ” – Emmanuel, Volunteer in Mexico, 2016

“It left me speechless, I can’t explain to people how great it was, I honestly have to tell them, you just had to be there. There’s so many things that other people just won’t get, will never understand, might never experience!” Alex, Youth Activist Award in Vermont, 2016