Hello from Chiang Mai, Thailand!

With my first week in Chiang mai nearly over, I thought this would be a perfect time to write my first blog.

I have had such a busy first week. I arrived to Chiang Mai last Sunday around 3pm after about 24 hours of travelling so needless to say I was very tired. Myself and another volunteer were picked up at the airport and brought to the volunteer house where there were 5 volunteers already. We didn’t do much on Sunday except for sleep but we were very excited to wake up Monday morning and start our orientation with the host organisation.

On Monday morning we were picked up at 9.30 and brought for orientation. Later that evening we had Thai lessons, which for someone who isn’t very good at languages were very difficult!

Since Tuesday we have been more familiarised with the art programmes and on Wednesday evening we went to our first art workshop in Hope Home, a home assisting children with disabilities. Everything went great and they all really enjoyed our activity of making tambourine jelly fish and cardboard snakes.

Today, we are going to a temple school in the evening and tomorrow two other workshops. It’s been a hectic week, especially dealing with the jet lag but it has been nothing but amazing experiences so far!

Thanks for reading, there will be more to come!