Back home and having Lyons tea and chocolate as we speak.

The past couple of days have been just amazing. When GIV says “action packed”, they certainly mean it. We covered so much material on current issues such as climate change, sustainable development, violence which have broadened my knowledge on the world around me. As well as this I chose workshops on topics such as disability, the refugee crisis, and oppression in society as I had an interest in these and wanted to learn more.

I set myself aims going to GIV which included becoming a better public speaker and learning more about activism. GIV exponentially helped me and allowed me to achieve these aims while providing the ultimate learning experience. My issue group on youth identity and social justice with Mary was definitely one of my highlights of the programme. We talked about topics such as cultural imperialism, marginalisation and powerlessness. We also discussed how to be better advocates for social change. Mary made me realize that it’s important to find what sort of leader you would like to be and to focus on your strengths in order to make a positive impact. She also made me think about what sort of approach I would like to take to problem solving which for me is a creative and innovative one.

GIV was not just all learning, there was activities galore including a barn dance, making smores, hilltop time and forum theatre. I chose dance which was a medium of arts to make a statement and focus on current issues which my fellow group members were also passionate about. As a result, these activities really gave me a greater insight into American culture. GIV has given me greater belief in myself as a leader and has empowered me to make a change for the better!