My bags are packed and I’m ready to go. In two days I will be leaving Ireland and heading to Mexico to volunteer abroad for 8 weeks. We will arrive in Mexico City before heading to Oaxaca which is a state in southern Mexico known for its indigenous cultures.

My 2 weeks in Oaxaca will be spent taking Spanish classes and learning as much about the culture as possible. I will then be transferred to Amecameca (a town and municipality located in the eastern panhandle of Mexico State between Mexico City and the Iztaccíhuatl and Popocatépetl volcanos of the Sierra Nevada mountain range) for the remaining 6 weeks.

While in Amecameca I will be staying with a host family. My project consists of me working with kids. I will be teaching English, helping with homework and running activities with the main view of inclusion.

There are definitely some mixed emotions right now. I am excited at the opportunity to help others while learning about a different culture and myself but at the same time, I am also scared about fitting in and adjusting to life over there.

All in all, I will travel with an open mind and make the most of the experience. While abroad I hope to increase my global awareness in hopes of becoming a better global citizen.

Talk again soon,