In La Ventanilla I assisted in preparing new mangroves to be replanted in September.

The work was physical and I had to be cautious of biting insects and other animals while I worked with my hands. The project has been underway for two years after a storm hit the region and devastated the surrounding mangrove forest. The trees are essential to the community as it provides protection from the sea and is a source of habitat for the wildlife.

Members of the community explained to me that there are two main species of mangroves that are replanted the black and the white mangroves.

The method of replanting the trees into the lagoon is an experience in itself. The head gardener and I waded out into the lagoon area where circles of sticks were planted into the water and filled with earth. The new mangroves were placed in these so that they could regrow in their natural environment. Looking out for crocodiles made the experience more interesting.