I honestly don’t know where to start. But here goes.. With our flight to Madrid at 6.15am we arrived in Dublin Airport at 3.30 which was earlish.

Due to the fact that we were travelling in a group we set up a group chat and rendezvous point prior to our flight. All was fine (so we thought) and we were about to board our plane. However we realised that we were at the wrong gate (105) and had to dash across the airport (to 415) before the last call.

Bumping into people and losing personal items in the process we eventually made it. With our morning cardio complete we were finally able to board. We arrived at Madrid at 8.45am with an 11 hour flight to Mexico ahead which was due for take off at 1.15pm.

Personally I think flying through different time zones is crazy. I mean, I have friends that are a couple of hours behind me but being actually 6 hours behind Ireland is absurd.

After 24 hours of travelling we finally arrived in Mexico. My watch was at 3am Irish time, I was extremely tired and hadn’t slept properly since Tuesday. However, I felt very humbled, excited and grateful to be on this trip.

Mexico City is way more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. It definitely felt surreal being here. At times I just took a moment to myself and thought “wow I’m actually in Mexico?!”

Although we were extremely jet lagged and struggled to sleep on the plane. Food is so cheap here and we spent our first night at a tacoqueria. Personally, I struggled to sleep due to the time difference.

Although people here are extremely friendly, fitting in will be tough as everyone knows I’m not from here and usually stare at me (not in a bad way).

The city never sleeps and I feel like the last few nights we’ve been everywhere and back. The locals usually get up around 6am to set up their stalls etc. Everyone here is trying to sell you something. They work pretty long hours and extremely hard.

We visited a couple of pretty important places i.e. Museo Frida Kahlo and the Torre Latinamericana. Although I’m extremely scared of heights, the view from the 45th floor of the tower was impeccable and I was blown away by the history behind the city. As Jimi Hendrix said “knowledge sparks & wisdom listens.”

All in all, it’s was a great couple of days in Mexico City. My project will be based in Amecameca which just over an hour from the city so I will definitely be back.

Adios – Hasta luego.