Vanessa, our Japan winner, returned in July from her cultural immersion programme. In this blog, Vanessa evaluates her cultural learning experiences throughout the four weeks and tells us what has been the highlight for her.

“The highlight of my cultural learning? It’s hard to choose. I have definitely learned that Japanese people are not shy as I had thought before coming here. Everyone is extremely welcoming, with a sense of hospitality that could rival Ireland’s. Especially in Seiryo, my school, people were often very confident and hilarious! Everyone was eager to converse with me, and extremely kind when I visited their clubs or tried to join their activities.

Also I can’t not mention the food here. To be honest, before I came here I was a very picky eater, and I was nervous about the food but since I’ve arrived, I tried everything and it’s all been delicious!! I think I’ll have withdrawals when I go back to school in Ireland and have to eat a normal lunch instead of the delicious bento box my host mother made for me everyday”.

About the Author:
Name: Vanessa Nunan
Age: Under 18
Applied for: Japan Award
Explored: Japan