Below are some of the wonderful families from all across Ireland that host our international students and go above and beyond in their care for them.

Lillian Cronin, Local Coordinator from the Kerry area nominated the Hayes Family for our Host Family Award. L-R Paul Conway (EIL Board), Lillian Cronin (Local Coordinator), Kay Hayes and her daughter, Judy Roche (EIL Board) and Mark Moore (EIL Board).

Kay and Edmund Hayes have been hosting students in Listowel for the past six years. Kay is always aware of how daunting it must be for an international student to arrive in a new country, to a new family and to do all of this in a different language. She always encourages her students to get involved in the community or to participate in sports or music. Edmund is the leader of the local youth club so apparently, students get involved in this and as a result, they really do become active members of the community.


From the Castlebar area, Bernie and Colum Gavin were nominated for the Award by Local Coordinator Michael O’Malley. L-R: Paul Conway (EIL Board), Colum Gavin, Bernie Gavin, Judy Roche (EIL Board) and Mark Moore (EIL Board).

The Gavin Family have been hosting for over ten years and the majority of their students make return visits to them in Castlebar. The Gavin Family are very kind and sincere and always put the student first in an effort to make their students’ stay as enjoyable and memorable as possible. 


Local Coordinator from the Ballyhoura area, Valerie Harding nominated Debbie and Paul Lynch. L-R: Paul Conway (EIL Board), Valerie Harding, Debbie Lynch, Paul Lynch, Judy Roche (EIL Board) and Mark Moore (EIL Board).

The Lynch Family have been hosting for a number of years and their three young children absolutely love having international students stay. THey have formed very strong bonds with their past students and the family even paid a visit to a past student recently, as part of their family holiday. Last year, Debbie and Paul helped their student recover from emergency surgery, it was a rather challenging time for the student and the family. The way in which the Lynch Family dealt with this situation is testament to their kind and caring nature. 


Susan Maguire, Local Coordinator from the Navan area nominated the Reid Family. L-R Paul Conway (EIL Board), Susan Maguire, Paul Reid, Shane Reid, Judy Roche (EIL Board) and Mark Moore (EIL Board).

The Reid Family have been hosting students for EIL since 2008 and they must be doing something right because their students continue to return to their home in Navan! Paula and Alan hope that by hosting students, their own children learn a lot about other cultures and languages and the whole experience broadens their minds. Paula and Alan have dealt with any challenging situations with admirable empathy and professionalism.



Nuala Rooney, Local Coordinator from the Drogheda area nominated the Doran Family. L-R: Paul Conway (EIL Board), Nuala Rooney, Rosaleen Doran, Emmette Doran, Judy Roche (EIL Board) and Mark Moore (EIL Board).

The Doran Family have been known to go to great lengths to make their students feel at home. Emmette and Rosaleen love the company of the students and Emmette would talk to the students for hours about where the student lives, their culture and their lives at home. This is a family that really gives its students the time and energy needed for a student to feel comfortable in a new environment. 


Pauline Maguire from the Clare area nominated the Hansbury Family. L-R Paul Conway (EIL Board), Pauline Maguire, Geraldine Hansbury, Alanna Hansbury, Judy Roche (EIL Board) and Mark Moore (EIL Board).

The Hansbury Family are extremely welcoming and accommodating. They have forged very strong bonds with their students and past students regularly visit them. Geraldine always tries to get the students involved in the community work that she does in Newmarket-on-Fergus (and by the sounds of things, that’s a lot of work). The Hansburys not only host students but they go to great lengths to get the students involved in the community, they think it really adds to their experience in Ireland and allows them to get a real feel for life here.