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Make a difference and Stay involved with EIL

Time spent Volunteering overseas is a life changing event that will stay with you for a lifetime but the journey doesn't end there!. Once you return home to Ireland you can make use of the unique experience you have had and the perspective you have gained by supporting local and national organisations in Ireland. Your valuable insight into the issues of global justice can help raise awareness here, break stereotypes and prejudices and highlight the courage and inguinuity of the people in the communities you lived in. 

There are many excellent organisations working on domestic and global issues of social justice. Click Our Favourites below to find a list of our Volunteers favourite charities, NGO's and not-for-profits. Perhaps one of these is the right fit for you.

EIL is supported by the Irish Aid Development Education Grant. Click here to find out what Irish Aids Development Education programme is and how you can make use of Development Education methods to tell your story.