Where will you go this summer?

The possibilities are endless and the opportunities eminence where will you go this summer?

Under 18?

We have a number of awards to engage with the global community, to develop more of an understanding of global issues and become immersed in another culture. Whether it’s attending the Governor’s Institute of Vermont as a Youth Activist for two weeks or being culturally immersed in Ecuador for four weeks, the awards will open new and exciting opportunities for you.

Under 18

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Do you have an interest in global issues? Do you believe you can demonstrate leadership potential in your community? Would you like to become more of a global citizen? Are you curious about another country or culture? If so, apply today for an Explore award!

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Over 18?

Interested in developing your knowledge of the UN Sustainable Development Goals? There are a variety of volunteering and cultural immersion opportunities for people over 18 which engage with social issues such as Gender Equality, Education and Wildlife Conservation. Explore has opportunities from volunteering in community projects in Mexico to volunteering teaching English to children in Vietnam.

Over 18?