The aim of EIL Explore is to support people who have a history of voluntary involvement in their school, college or their community. EIL Explore awards are for people who have demonstrated or who believe they can demonstrate leadership potential and people who would not ordinarily be able to avail of such travel opportunities due to financial restrictions.

What do we look for?

  • A person who is curious about other cultures, tolerant of differences and is flexible and open to engage with new and at times challenging situations.
  • Your willingness to engage with EIL upon your return to Ireland and to share your experience and learning with others is also something to keep in mind when applying.
  • A person who is seeking a different and new opportunity that can provide open mindedness, global awareness, self reflection and self improvement.
  • A well-researched application is very important. Read as much as possible before you start writing your application. What is the award about? What is involved? Are you ready for this challenge?
  • EIL are looking for open minded, energetic people who are interested in culture and who work well in a team. Any voluntary work in Ireland or elsewhere is also an advantage and you should definitely highlight it in your application.
  • EIL Explore opportunities are about intercultural learning and sharing your culture. It’s worth thinking about what skills/talents you can share while on abroad. For example some past participants used great slide shows of Ireland, demonstrated hurling or Irish dancing, played a musical instrument, could perform a song, or liked to draw or paint. Obviously you don’t need to be able to do all of these, but to be able to do one of them or something similar would be a help.
  • If you are writing any part of your application, make sure the handwriting is clearly legible. We ask that all “Why choose me’ essays are typed.
  • Are YOU available for the duration? If you can are not able to commit the duration of your particular award, we recommend you apply another year when you have the required availability. (e.g 4 weeks for Ecuador, 8 weeks for Mexico etc)
  • Also some awards have fixed periods. Before you apply, check that you are available to travel: e.g  Vermont & Youth Activist (start of July x 2 weeks).
  • Applicants can apply for more than one award. However, make sure that equal effort is put into each application.
  • An essential part of the award is the Action at Home, which spans the duration of the winners EIL Explore journey. Outlining your ideas for the Action at Home can support your application. Your final Action at Home may change from your original outline (it might be completely different!), however writing a short outline in your application demonstrates your interest and suitability for the award.