The EIL Explore application process is fairly straightforward but just in case you have any questions check out or FAQ’s here

You can apply online on our website for most of our Awards. Simply visiting the Explore Homepage and fill out the Online Application Form.

Applicants for ACCESS, Mature and University Awards (e.g. MTU Cork) need to submit their application through their university.

If you have trouble with the online application, please contact [email protected] to ask for help.

In any case, the deadline for applications is early December.

Interested organisations FAQs

EIL Explore currently works closely with:

  • Foroige on our Hong Kong exchange awards and Youth Activist awards
  • Various Schools and Colleges on the University awards.

Nominator FAQ's

Yes, of course! Please contact [email protected]. You can also reach us by phone Monday-Friday 9.00-5.30 on 021 4551535