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“I loved every minute of my time in Ecuador and made friends that I hope to keep forever. I learned so many new and interesting things that I will never forget and my Spanish improved greatly. For anyone thinking about going abroad I would recommend Ecuador in a heartbeat. Most people fear the unknown but that is where you find the most amazing things.” Lucy, Ecuador 2018

This is four fully funded exciting weeks in a country famous for its array of vibrant indigenous cultures, colonial architecture, volcanic landscapes, and friendly people. During this time, you will live with an Ecuadorian family, learn basic Spanish, go on excursions to the rainforest, and much more.

A real taste of life in Ecuador – you will experience the culture, food, language, traditions and people of this culture-rich country and will have a lot of fun!

16  – 17  years of age (on 1st of June 2024)

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