4th of July celebrations

Today has certainly been a day full of fun and immense fulfillment! We started off the day by taking part in the 4th of July parade which was a great way to get our current issues messages across. The sun cream was at the ready with the warm weather
. Following on from this we went swimming and had ice-cream. Our evening was celebrated with a barbeque and with fireworks in Brattleboro town. Many great memories have certainly been made from the day!!
Everything is going great. I have learned so much about current issues, listened to inspirational guest speakers and my perspectives have been broadened. There have been times when my views have been challenged but I have gained confidence to speak up and dialogue skills. The craic is mighty as we’d say back home
. Talk soon.
Jason Nolan.
Name: Jason Nolan
Applied for: Youth Activist
Explored: USA (Vermont)