Secondary School in Ireland

The Secondary School Programme to Ireland is open to international students between the ages 15 and 17 who already have a reasonable level of English. Students gain a thorough understanding of Irish culture through living as a temporary member of a carefully selected host family while continuing their education at a local secondary school. Participants applications are screened and placed in one of 13 host communities dotted around the country. Each community has an appointed local coordinator who is a part of the EIL team and mentors and supports the student and the host family for the duration of the programme. Students must show a flexible attitude and be prepared to be located anywhere in Ireland including rural locations.

Students can choose from programme lengths of one term (up to Christmas break), two terms (August up to Easter break) or a full year with start dates at the end of August and start of January each year. Alternative periods can be arranged on special request.

High School in Ireland